Finished “Live Up to Your Name”

Started off pretty silly, with both characters semi-unlikable for different reasons, but man, after these two fell in love they sent my heart soaring!!

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A definite thumbs up for Live Up to Your Name

I was sad to see it end! A few meaningless wrinkles mean nothing when compared to the enjoyable hours spent watching the drama unfold.

Great chemistry between the leads continued till the end..but what I also loved was that they were two strong actors who gave strong performances separately and were even better when they came together. Watching Kim Nam Gil as a goof is awesome, LOL, but when he gets all serious and broody he’s even better!

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Live Up to Your Name – First Impressions

This is the strange title of a drama that I’d never even heard about till it popped up on Netflix. I don’t know how I missed it since it stars Kim Nam-gil and deals with time travel (which I’m a sucker for).

The basic plot is that our hero, a doctor in Joseon times, finds himself transported to modern day Seoul and meets up with our heroine, Kim Ah-joong who is also a very driven doctor. Each character definitely has baggage to contend with and so far there is no explanation regarding the reason for any of it, though we are given hints.

I never expected the humour to be so highlighted and I’ve found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity and yet..this actor is so skilled that he really sells it. Sometimes it’s quite borderline and if it was anyone else I would be rolling my eyes and moving on but he keeps me watching because he is really able to sell me on believing his amazement at this new world he finds himself in.

Try as she might our heroine can’t get rid of him and their chemistry is very very strong. I’m up to ep 5 right now and I can see the nuances appearing as he becomes less clown-like and she becomes more vulnerable and did I mention how hawt he is looking, LOL??

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Live Up to Your Name

Is that being shown anywhere? It sounds like such fun, and Kim Nam Gil is somebody I always enjoy seeing. And it’s from tvN, another magical word, but I don’t think it was picked up by Viki or DF?

Maybe they’re working on it… fingers crossed. Come to think of it I wonder if Lee Min Ki’s new show will be picked up?

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