Last word on Mad Dog

I ended up enjoying it even more than I thought I would!! Yes as I stated before, it was the usual David and Goliath storyline – good guys going against the corrupt bad firm – but one of the villains did a great job of portraying the bad guy..very nuanced and really creepy. LOL, this actor (Choi Won-Young) is very good it seems at those kinds of roles. He was smart and he was cynical and it was like watching a rattle snake at work most of the time.

I’m a sucker for “families” that have nothing to do with blood..and this one is no different. When we first meet our little group they are already a family but the interesting additions are what made it so much fun to watch. Our hero starts out with his own agenda and little by little he is slowly drawn and absorbed by these caring folk who find there’s more to him than they thought…love those little sequences when all the characters reluctantly start to bond with each other..this was all about relationships..unexpected romantic ones and friendly brotherly ones..what can be better than that??

I’m now a huge fan of Woo Do-Hwan. This young man has a great future ahead. He’s got a mesmerizing voice and keen eyes and he pops on the screen. I love all the layers that he gave his character..what an incorrigible flirt he is..impish smile..impish charm..and I’m going to watch Save Me just because he’s in it.

Yoo Ji-Tae is looking really hawt in this too with his leather jackets and intensity..just the kind of leader that a group like this needs..always one step ahead and not afraid to take the blame for could you not love a guy like that??

Just wanted to share that rather than be typically disappointed as I continued to watch this happens too many times. I liked each episode more and more – how great is that??? Thumbs up!!

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