Still going ahead with remake of ‘Million Stars’

I have very mixed emotions about this project. Yes, it’s tvN so they can be edgier than the milquetoast broadcast networks, but the story behind One Million Stars Falling from the Sky is so dark, so sexual that I can’t imagine it coming to fruition in Korea. It is still amazing to me that it aired in Japan, with Kimura Takuya as the “hero” of the piece — it would never be made today as a television drama. However it was a very interesting story, so I can understand the attraction.

But… according to Soompi they are in talks with Jung So-min to take the female lead role. Even more strange is that they’ve chosen as the producing director someone who did Oh My Ghostess. I enjoyed that drama, but are they going to make this a supernatural comedy?

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tvN looking to remake “Million Stars”

A possible remake of “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky”… Immediately I think, “Oooh, Takuya! He was so delicious in that one!” And then I wondered who they would cast in his place and how much farther a cable station would take it 15 years onwards from the original (which was only 11 episodes long).


Maybe they could go with go with Kim Jaejoong… he’s got those beautiful eyes and slightly fey looks, but post-army he’s a little more manly than before. He could do it.

Or they could go with Kim Rae-won who has a little of the Takuya vibe, but with a broader Korean nose and cheekbones, and who could do a much sexier turn. (For proof of this check out his sex scene in “Gangnam Blues” – yowza! – or those from an earlier movie from his career, “Plum Blossom.”)

Or they could leave well enough alone…

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