FINISHED Man to Man and on to My Secret Romance!

All I can say is…good riddance! So glad that’s finally over..I hope that these actors choose their next projects more wisely because this one was definitely forgettable..not even the ending episode could save fact it irritated me even!!

I needed something to wash that nasty taste from my mouth and remembered this one which is short and hopefully sweet! I know that tc ended up enjoying it at any I watched the first two episodes and am so glad I did because they were just what I needed! Light fluff..familiar characters..spoiled chaebol son who needs to grow up..unlucky misfit of a girl who has her own issues..those “fated” and continuous meetings..there were a couple of scenes where I did burst out laughing they were so over the top! You were so right tc..things happened pretty fast indeed. Second episode doesn’t make us like this guy any more than we did in the first episode..he STILL needs to grow up and learn to treat people better and I guess now will be her chance to make sure that he does because..all the laws of dramaland are in full swing and where ELSE would she land a job..but at HIS I do like his secretary though..nice to see one that isn’t fact..the shoe seems to be on the other last..SOMEthing different. Looking forward to more silliness…..

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Man X Man – Thru ep 14

So close… Close to the ending, close to having a plot that made sense (or that we cared about), close to having a little bit of chemistry between the leading man and lady… And so far! Spoilers after the jump.

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Man to Man – thru ep 10

What a yawner this was! Ludicrous in light of the fact that lots of tension filled scenes were in it, except they didn’t FEEL tension filled, though I know they were written to be so.

Probably the highlight was the surprise cameo by Song Joongki – lol – I just don’t know where they are going? Do the writers know where they’re going? It’s so confusing… it’s like they’ve put in a bit of comedy, a bit of thriller, a bit of melodrama, a bit of romance, but which one IS it?

It’s not to say that at times things can’t be mixed and turn out a fantastic scene, and I harken back to BLF (again) and the crucial scene in the meeting room when Armando’s sins are revealed as well as Betty’s knowledge of events — you could have cut that scene with a knife it was soooooooo riveting, and just when you thought you couldn’t bear the tension any longer… in bursts Patty saying coffee is served!!Woosh…hahaha…OMG!!!!!! We were feeling ALL of those feelings in that moment — what a brilliant way to blend comedy and high drama.

I’m glad the two ghost spies are finally working together! I like that actor. Hurrah for the good guys… one more member has joined!

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Man X Man – thru ep 8

Wait, what… after that look he came back? Spoilers after the jump.

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Man to Man Ep 7 – spoilers!

Well..looks like we’ve entered a new phase…I think!

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Man X Man – Thru ep 6

Sigh… I don’t hate this show, but I don’t love it either. I don’t really feel any strong emotions for it (I’m kind of like Park Hae-Jin’s deadpan expressionless face). Spoilers below.

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Bad Guys – Final Impressions

While I was waiting for us to officially kick off the commentary on Man X Man, I decided to check out Park Hae-jin’s earlier action drama, Bad Guys, from 2014. I won’t say that it was time wasted, but there are plenty of one eye-rolling moments (in honor of the ridiculous hairstyling of both Park Hae-jin and Kim Sang-joong, aka evil daddy from City Hunter). Both of them sport hairdos with one eye completely obscured thanks to an overlong angled fringe of hair! Seriously, I would think it would cause vision problems!

The premise: suspended detective cooks up a plan to use 3 criminals in jail for their respective crimes (serial killer Park Hae-jin, gangster Ma Dong-suk, and contract killer Jo Dong-hyuk) to track down a serial killer (and later other criminals). They get sprung from jail for each mission with the promise of time off their sentence if they solve the crime.

I generally enjoy Ma Dong-suk, our burly muscle-bound teddybear baddie, so he was okay, though his part is fairly predictable. The best part of the show for me was Jo Dong-hyuk. He was just that little bit more compelling – his roundhouse kicks were swoon-worthy and (hallelujah) he had a very short-cropped haircut so you could enjoy his chiseled features.

Unfortunately, the woman who plays the primary female role, Kang Ye-won, is either not very good at acting, or has no idea how to play the ambitious policewoman type of role. It wasn’t exceptionally well-written, but her delivery was pathetic and annoying.

The music is also generically cheesy – swelling violins at inappropriate moments – and it’s little things like that which take you out of the moment.

All-in-all, it’s highly formulaic, repetitive, and not all that exciting, so I’m not sure why they want to do a season 2 (different cast, slightly different plot angle, so more of a spin-off), but it just goes to show that there’s something for everyone!

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Man to Man – beginning with a bit of a struggle

I don’t know why, but it’s been like pulling teeth trying to get through the first 2 episodes. Maybe it’s my mood, maybe I shouldn’t watch it late at night when I’m tired, but I just kept nodding off and giving up and it took me three nights to get to the end of ep 1. I think part of it is that I’m confronted with over the top situations and I instantly start rolling my eyes.

Of course our lad looks amazing in this – finally a haircut I love! He looks super cool and super sophisticated in those dark suits and those dark sunglasses too – what’s not to love? I’m not sure I like this heroine – her look or her mannerisms – but it wouldn’t be the first time, so I’m willing to be patient. I love our villain but I think it’s because I love the actor. I can’t say I know any of these characters at all and maybe that’s why I can’t connect with them. Of course at episode two that’s a given. I’m thawing a bit now and hope to continue and become more involved. I really want to feel something and to root for them but I’m not there yet.

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Man to Man in the horizon…

Hi chingus,

I’m almost at the point where I have to pause for Suspicious Partner and so I’m looking for my next drama. I think we mentioned Man to Man so I was thinking of starting it in a day or so. Are you interested in making it a group watch? I’m happy to wait a little if you want to wrap things up with other things… course if you had other suggestions I’m definitely open and flexible!

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