End of (Itaewon) Class


The word that comes to mind is… annoying.

By the end I was chafing for it to be over. Once again I am stunned that this achieved such stellar ratings! It’s probably my fault. I came away from this drama with the feeling that these were all one-dimensional comic book characters when they are INDEED comic book characters so I shouldn’t be complaining. Yet I did and I do.

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“Itaewon Class” — Ep. 1


Omo. The end of Episode 1 is INTENSE!

I don’t even know which way I want it to go at this point!! 😱

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Secretary Kim was…

A lovely drama! I enjoyed this couple! Both were level headed, loving, jealous and thoughtful. While I’m sure the narcissist in him will probably never completely change, he has been tamed! Lol. And inasmuch as I like the bits at the end, that show the hard work and camaraderie of the cast, I’m reminded that it’s just a drama and reality bites! All in all, well done! Great secondary characters too! And yes Camelia, whoever dressed Park Min Young for this drama needs to be slapped! Haha…

I want to go onto Her Private Life, but I’ll take a break from PMY for a bit…..not ready to see her all loved and boo’ed up with someone else just yet 😁

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Yolette’s Drama Update

I finished watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim — all-around delightful! Though there was one fatal flaw, imo… but the protagonists were lovable and interesting. Our heroine with her bright plastic secretary smile, lol, and our hero with his shameless narcissism, yet puppylike pursuit of her, haha.  I’m so surprised they never strayed into #MeToo territory not once, given the premise!

Mild spoilers after the break…

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? – Final thoughts

The more I thought about the last couple of episodes of this drama, the more I thought of them as the ultimate fan service (and I’m not complaining!)

More, and potential spoilers after the jump.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Thru ep. 13 (Swoon)

This show is NOT helping my Park Seo-joon affliction AT ALL! Yes, he’s playing a character, just one of many lovely characters he’s played, but having seen him in action on the Yoon’s Kitchen reality show (and it seems very unscripted) I think his basic goodness and yes, manliness, really shines through.

Park Min-young is really the perfect partner too because she comes across so intelligent and feminine and delicate that when he sits her on his lap you just have to swoon at the rightness of it all.

Of course, spoilers after the jump, because I have lots to swoon about!

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? – Ep. 10 LOVED the Cameo!!!

Just finished Ep 10 and totally enjoyed it, especially the unexpected surprise at seeing… spoilers after the jump!

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Eps 7-8

I really enjoyed these episodes – alot of fun and alot of lightness. I’m loving these zany side characters so much – which is not always the case. I don’t feel that I have to endure them but I can go ahead and enjoy them instead.

Also, I’ve been meaning to say that for the very first time I’m also enjoying the – what do you call it – “sound” accompaniment to the scenes, even the small little extra blinking is endearing. I’m actually surprised at myself because that’s one of the reasons that I haven’t watched the Taiwanese dramas for a while. I can’t abide those over the top sounds that come with the characters – it’s a total turnoff for me but I think it’s because they go overboard and it’s too much in your face whereas here, though it’s obviously there, it’s ‘more subtle and it complements the dialogue rather than overpowers it. Mild spoiler follows.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? – Eps 5-6

It’s funny how things happen and that the power has definitely gone over to our dear girl’s direction. Of course, it would have been a little humiliating, to say the least, to be rejected so but I liked seeing her anger come out cause it allowed us to see his version of groveling, LOL!

I’m getting tired of being teased though; much as their longing stares and sudden awkwardness can be endearing it’s also tiring if it becomes too repetitious. So will the real guy please stand up? I can’t wait to hear the truth about what happened that night long ago.

So what do you think of the frugal employee strutting around as if he had 10 suits when he barely has one??

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Nothing. Eps 1-4

I’m starting a new thread because I wanted to include spoilers in my comments. You know the drill, spoilers after the jump!

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