Finished “Lawless Lawyer”

I’m going to go with a profound meh. It had its moments. Some VERY GOOD moments in fact. But overall, there was too much testosterone for my liking. Too much ridiculous chest-pounding and lapel clutching, and extended breaks so Jun Ki can show off his admittedly impressive martial arts skills.


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Started “Lawless Lawyer”

But I’m not sure whether I will stick it out. The first ep had so many turn-offs:

  • Pipe-wielding thugs. Eye roll.
  • Store bashing loan sharks. Eye roll.
  • Crooked cops on the take. Eye roll.
  • A coldblooded murder in front of the victim’s kid. Eye roll.
  • A vow of revenge by said kid. Eye roll.
  • Perpetually smirking slimy lawyer. OK, the eye roll was a little bit of an eye rawrr there because its Lee Joongi, but still…

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