With 6 episodes to go on Devilish Joy…

I’m actually enjoying Devilish Joy (or Devilish Charm or whatever).

Our hero is very believable in his quest to remember his past, especially the events leading up to his accident 3 years prior. Those events are not rushed, which frustrates me at times, and it seems like there’s much more to the story, which doesn’t surprise me at all given K dramas. Our hero has lead a kind of sad existence since the death of his parents as a young child, and although he has 4 aunties, who should’ve showered him with nothing but love, he’s the heir to the Sunwoo Group, which makes for plotting his downfall a daily agenda. He’s also a doctor of neuroscience, so he’s very meticulous in controlling how he remembers all previous events. His brain resets after 24 hrs and the only thing he remembers is the heroine, so he has journals for the past 3 yrs and daily post its that he uses to remember appointments and such.

The heroine is now committed to him after learning of his accident, and she’s also committed to her father, younger brother and sister. She’s determined to restart her career and make the best of it even though there are dark forces that want to see her go down too. Her and our hero share some really nice kisses, and at this point in the story, she’s the strong one, and he’s the vulnerable one…

There are a few things that ring false though, and it takes away from the reality of my enjoyment and mocks my common sense and trust in humanity. First, the condition our hero suffers from is called “Cinderella amnesia,” and it’s one where the more he remembers the more his chances for dementia increase (eyeroll), he also has episodes of selective memory where his recall shouldn’t be there based on his condition. Second, in his car accident with his parents, his accident 3 years ago, and more recently he had an episode of obvious distress while in a crosswalk. Each time, cars just whizzed by, and people kept about their business as if nothing happened. I just can’t believe people just do that…

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Finished Fight my Way!

Well that was a lovely ride indeed – I enjoyed it very much (just as I knew I would), and if I wasn’t already a fan of that young man, well then, I’m hooked and hooked and hooked! I just love this guy and his way of showing his feelings… and those kisses… Hehehe… awesome! So natural and so real and totally irresistible! Spoilers after the jump.

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I find myself in an unusual position…


I’ve got 4 episodes left to go to finish Fight My Way and I can hardly make myself start a new episode! I’ve been watching the last 6 of the ones I watched previously 1 episode at a time, so reluctant to click “play” on the one that follows. “Why is that?” you may ask. I blame it all on my Park Seo-joon Swoon Syndrome.

For your viewing pleasure, Exhibit A

But truthfully, it’s not so much his physical perfection (though I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a draw), but the candor and sincerity in his acting. He just imbues his character with so much pure decency that it almost hurts to watch him. I completely understand why the annoying ex-GF can’t let go of him (even after dumping him countless times for men with more $$), though anyone fool enough to value $$ over decency deserves nothing but the sh#theels of the world.

I’m also getting to the high stakes and mistakes part of the drama, particularly for the second couple’s story, so I’d like to savor the happy glow part (at least in my head) a little longer. But finish this one I will, if only to indulge in some PSJS and fangirl flailing.

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