The “Song” Couple

I’m not surprised…..and they would’ve made some beautiful babies together. Still, the disintegration of so short a seemingly loving courtship and marriage is disheartening for whatever “undisclosed “ reason……

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Finished Boyfriend

I enjoyed it, but don’t really know if I did cause it’s been forever since I saw a drama, or because it was really good? You’ve got your good, bad and downright ugly to the bone characters, but how each situation is handled is well done. The dreaded MIL is alive and well, but they don’t over do the bullying that we know these $itches can cause. There’s also the ambitious mother who causes a lot of damage too, and you can’t miss the ill effects of either.

My takeaway here is that losing your honor is a bitter pill to swallow, and when they go low, you stay high. Of course I’m a romance junkie, and liked every moment of it, lol

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So… is it my imagination or is there a little…

too much hysteria lately regarding the new power couple of Song-Song? It seems that everywhere you look that’s all they’re writing the point of really digging for even the smallest something to say – I understand that it feels like a live k-drama in a sense because the make believe couple actually became a real one..a fairy tale kind of ending… but I find it a bit exaggerated.

I like them and I wish them well and I hope that they can breathe a little now that the spotlight is shining brightly over them. I sort of have the same question regarding the drama itself. I liked it well enough but I’ve seen others that I liked even more – and yet, even all this time afterwards it still hasn’t faded away – you just never know when something will catch fire in the public forum do you?

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