My Secret Romance – All finished…

I wish I had stopped watching at ep 8 because frankly the last couple of episodes just dragged and were simply irritating..there was soooo little substance. If you’re looking for a drama with a sensible and interesting plotline..look elsewhere..if you’re looking for simple eye candy..please come in..and if you’re looking for alot of’ve come to the right place!! I think I saw more kissing in this short drama than I have in much longer dramas, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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Up to ep 8 of My Secret Romance

So far all the episodes seem to have merged into one long flirtation, there is really no plotline to move along, no bad guys to combat, it’s just all about these two people inching along to a place where feelings are acknowledged.

He is a wonderful specimen who keeps your eyes lingering for long after they should. She is a timid, pouty little mouse who doesn’t have much going for her in my mind. Yes she has issues with her mommy and they have impacted on her life but it hasn’t crippled her.

I have no idea what these two characters have in common other than the physical attraction. He also has a past issues which, so far, have not explored at all. I do like that they have lots of chemistry between them because that is really the highlight of this drama; if you’re looking for more you are going to be disappointed.

For me it fits the bill right now so I’m not complaining. I’m just in the mood to see these two beautiful people circling around each other with burning stares and sexy hiccups while the flames become larger and larger. lol!

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Finished Secret Romance…

Okay, so it’s only 13 episodes, each one lasting about 50 or so minutes. Overall I liked the drama, but it was filled with holes, and unexplored relationships. I always, but rarely get answers to why parents abandon their children, or why they become so consumed with their own wants and needs that they don’t take the time to think of their children’s needs? I also dislike cowardly behavior on the part of either or both of the protagonists, once their love has been firmly established. I completely understand the heroine’s concerns based on her Mom’s previous behavior, but that’s ultimately no excuse to turn down “true” love.

Neither protagonist is guiltless here nor can one be blamed more than the other for the bumps in their road to romance. Outside factors also play a role, and honestly, it would’ve been completely boring without those “factors.” Problem here, for me, is that the overall story wasn’t very well thought out or written. There are endless, and I do mean endless flashbacks in the last few or so episodes. That tells me that there was really no where else to go with this story until the couple finds their way back to one another, and even then, there were still flashbacks…

Disappointed that a couple of other relationships weren’t explored to their fullest—-I think if they had put more of their focus there, the flashbacks wouldn’t have been so prominent. I did like this couple, though, and I could look at him all day, and in my dreams too, lol.
So ladies, I would love to get your take on this one, but it’s definitely not a “rush.”

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My Secret Romance…

Hmmm… definitely not my favorite as firsts go…you know, the poor, struggling, can’t find a job chick, and the poor rich, arrogant, self absorbed chaebol who thinks he’s got it all going on, but has serious mommy issues already, and a daddy who wants him to learn some responsibility… pretty predictable, and quite silly—which rubs me cause I can’t stand plain old silly. He’s delicious to look at though, so I can almost give him a pass. But her, even though she’s attractive, her overt silliness just rubs me. Every time I see a chick with oversized glasses and an extra dose of silly, I feel like the writers are going for a character like Joe’s, as the “sticky note girl,” without half her vulnerability and charm–and this girl lacks charm–so far.

But also as firsts go—mild spoiler here—-I’ve never seen the deed done so quickly, and especially where it’s done! So of course I have to, at least, watch the second episode. I still don’t have any great expectations here, but like i said, just looking for a bit of fluff… there is a potential for some interesting side characters though…

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