So, after reading your combined comments I decided to start up on Strong Woman

Up to the end of ep 7 just like tc… I must say it’s been a weird ride so far as you can both appreciate… though there are scenes which are laughing out loud funny the very next moment it turns dark and painful to watch as we see these pathetic kidnap victims crying their hearts out!

And then there is that personal pain that our heroine carries with her as she tries to be like everyone else by hiding her super strength but of course the cruelest part is where we see our girl confront her mom with all the glaring unfairness that she’s had to endure all her life because her obvious favouritism towards her brother. Her father is a sweetheart though and the brother doesn’t seem so bad either.

I notice that Jisoo hasn’t been so visible in these last couple of episodes so the main couple is slowly being nicely defined. Our hero..ell what can you say?  The guy is gorgeous..has great presence and just lights up,the screen! Love to see his feelings already showing though she is a bit slow..and no wonder since she’s been so focussed on Jisoo all this time…poor guy woke up a little too late and he’s going to end up alone…those daydream scenes she had of the two guys were hysterical and I kept imaging what fun those guys must have had while filming..can’t wait to see the bits after it’s finished. She is like a beautiful China doll..I do sometimes get reminded of Ghostess many a time though..but she’s adorable and when she’s standing beside those two hunks I feel like putting her in my pocket…delicately of course!!

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Ok… so Strong Woman…

Thru ep 7 is freaking hilarious! Those gangsters have me cracking up!!! I can’t stop laughing! Especially those two lovebirds! Hahahahaha! I don’t like the creepy stuff, and I just want to ffw past it, but you’re right Robin, the lead couple are just the cutest thing!!!

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Strong Woman Do Bong-soon – Final impressions

I finished Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and part of me wants to give it a squeefully joyous thumbs up and parts of me has strong reservations about the drama as a whole. I think that this is a show to watch for the lead couple and enjoy mightily and consider fast-forwarding through some other parts – and at the end of the show you’ll still be left with a smile on your face thinking of how absolutely adorable the lead couple is and (probably) forgive the rest just because you get scenes like this.

Some more information (trying to avoid spoilers) after the jump.

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