Continuing to dabble, but it’s not a bad thing

Yes, I’ve not finished Fight My Way (my excuse is that I’m in denial about how I’ll cope with PSJ withdrawal so I’m telling myself I’ll need 4 uninterrupted hours so I can just wallow), but I’m not unhappy with the things I’ve been checking out so far.

I don’t feel great urgency to race through the underdogs vs. corporate goliaths charmer Strongest Deliveryman, but I’m enjoying it when I pick it up. Likewise I feel generally okay with the somewhat oddly cast Hospital Ship (people hate the pairing of Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk, the formerly baby-faced drummer of CNBlue because she’s 39 and he’s 26) maybe because they’re pretending her character is maybe 2-3 years older than his and it’s just a mildly pleasant diversion in the moment. But I just sampled the first hour (2 eps) of Temperature of Love, with Seo Hyun Jin, who I really enjoyed in her last outings, and Yang Se-jong who is a newbie to me and reminds of of Go Kyung-pyo in a good way, and Kim Jae-wook (looking smexy).

Annoyingly, now the Viki app as well as the DramaFever app seems to have given up the ghost on my DumbTV, boo hoo TT TT, so I have to plug in the iPad to the TV for the big screen experience. Darn…

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