Finished the Voice

With Jang Hyuk… first of all… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Robin, I don’t know how you pick up and put down a drama without losing the momentum..I just can’t do it. I was forced to do it with this drama and it really made the difference in my enjoyment..had a negative impact for sure!

The main story centres around a specialized emergency 911 response team…she is at the head..gifted with the ability to hear exceptionally well and he is one of the cops who work with her to bring aid to those in need. Both have lost a loved one to murder..both are out to find him since it’s conveniently the same person.  We are graced with the usual corrupt cop..evil mobster..hapless and helpless victims..etc…I always enjoy watching this actor..though his hairstyle was soo distracting but I don’t think this was his best or most memorable role..I did love the villain though..not because the character was particularly well written or interesting in any way but because he was portrayed by Kim Jae-wook. I’ve always loved this actor..ever since I first saw him in Coffee Prince..and I don’t know why he never gets any leading roles – I think he’s super talented and super hawt!

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So I had a little time last night and absolute intention to

follow through with King Louis..but….but..I just couldn’t make myself any more…I gave in the towel and moved!! So I tuned into Voice instead!! It was just what I needed..tension filled…gritty..Jang’s the sort of drama that I can indeed pick up as needed. I don’t anticipate that it will be heavy on romance of any sort..but hope to follow a relationship that will be based on mutual respect and liking and bonding..and that works too. It starts off on a very sad note..our hero ..a long time cop..has just finished his shift with his colleagues and is out having that drink (of course!) when his buddy calls him to ask about his wife. It seems they found a know what that means..poor guy..what an awful way to find out. Our girl plays the 911 operator who who picked up her call for help but (due to interference from her colleagues) was not able to save the woman. And it gets worse…they arrest someone and she is called to testify..only she testifies to the fact that it’s not the killer’s voice whom she heard on the phone..(did I mention that she’s got this gift of bionic like ears???)…High tension indeed…three years later she’s back in town..trying to form this elite team to support emergency calls for help and guess whom she wants on her team?? I”ve watched two episodes already and they have great cliffhangers but part of me is already wondering how many times they can repeat after you start rolling your eyes..we shall see..meanwhile..Jang Hyuk on the screen isn’t bad at all!

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