My Ahjussi time soon?

I’m happy to squeeze this one in any time as I dabble with the different dramas on offer. I’ve let some lapse for a little bit, and picked up some new ones just because sometimes I’m in the mood for “new”, and I’m currently most engrossed in Moonshine and Valentine (in spite of not being all that fond of Victoria Song as an actress) for its interesting take on the Fox people mythology, and Live, the rookie cops drama with Jung Yumi, for something more grounded in real life.

I’m looking forward to My Ahjussi, though, as I have seen a number of tweets about its quality. Just say the word!

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As usual..I’m a butterfly flitting from drama to drama!!

Though I was obviously disappointed regarding the last two episodes there is no doubt that I really enjoyed our last drama so as usual it’s hard to settle on the next one!! I’ve checked two I’m still on the fence about and the second has just been dropped.

Money Flower is the first. The only reason that this called to me was because of Jang Hyuk of course..I never miss his dramas and he’s never looked better. I love his dark, chiseled contained look and I’d happily look at him for the whole basically this is another revenge drama..I’m usually fine with those though I find that they never deliver as they should..but he has been victimized in the past by this rich family and now, after a name change, he’s ‘made himself the “dog” who will be at the beck and call…go to jail and do anything for the greedy villainess and her silly chaebol son…of course he has a plan..and that plan involves the heroine of the story marrying this son..and of course we learn that  there is a story between heroine and our hero..what keeps me on the fence about this one is that there is an obvious age difference between our hero and heroine..and it’s not that I mind the age difference at all in theory but here they are supposed to be close in age..not only to her but to the chaebol son as well (at least that’s my understanding)..and there is no way that I can buy the fact that Jang Hyuk is anything but that’s why it just feels off..but I might keep on with it anyway and try to forget that..or maybe I got it all’m also not too sure of the chemistry between them..

Cross is the other one..another revenge drama (what is it about my desire to see REVENGE in…I had never even heard about this one but I have no wish to’s dark and oppressive..all about body part trafficking and then this morning I read about the scandal with one of the characters who was written out because of admitted sexual harassment of his adios!!



I’m back and ready to dive back

but I’m holding off..why??? Because my jetlag is stronger than me and I keep falling asleep in the middle of things..I don’t want to do that with my dramas so I’m holding off until I can keep awake long enough to enjoy them!! I did watch a couple of movies on the flight back which were quite entertaining – too bad I can’t remember the names. I was actually quite surprised at the many asian many japanese and chinese movies to choose from. Definitely helped in passing the long hours in a cramped

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