Fox Bride Star (aka Where Stars Land)

Had no idea what this was about and just clicked the play button out of curiosity but I must say that so far it’s quite enjoyable. hasn’t slapped me in the face with it’s excellence..but neither has it put me to sleep so that’s a good

The setting is Incheon airport..the inner workings of the different sections behind the scenes, security, patron relations, immigration — all those folks that makes an airport run smoothly. We are introduced to our heroine (Chae Soo-bin) and find that she is a girl who can’t seem to keep her emotions in check and has been transferred from section to section because of it. This has made her fearful and overly eager to please but hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm. Unfortunately she acts before she thinks and soon finds herself in the usual hot water.

Our “hero” (Lee Je-hoon) is a man of mystery, deadpan, calm, isolated, keeping to himself and wanting only to do his job and be left alone. We soon find out that there is a real mystery about him..centered specifically on his feats of heroism that he’s displayed..the focus is that he seems to have a “bionic” arm which bends metal..can support the weight of a falling get the idea! The more the guy wants to be invisible the more people talk about his strangeness!. You can imagine that these two are like chalk and cheese and have different viewpoints in life. What I’m enjoying is that, through their interactions, they are slowly changing each other. I’m really curious as to what the mystery is and what the outcome will be.

Now..unfortunately it has its share of OTT secondary characters which I could do without and sadly there are still instances where it’s expected that an employee gets on her knees in apology to a rich troublemaker..even if she is the one who has been assaulted..but there are also very human moments that make us smile and that makes up for the other.

Fingers crossed that it continues along this lovely path!!

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Series Impressions: Where Stars Land

I finally got around to finishing up Where Stars Land (aka Fox Bride Star) and I’ll give it a “meh.”

There are things to like about the series. It is set in a fresh environment (we’re to assume it’s Incheon International Airport), but that’s as much a plus as a minus because too often dramas with a lot of workplace-related storylines turn into proselytizing pseudo-training pieces, which happens here more than I find entertaining. Do I really care about display signage blocking gift shop entrances (and potentially harming – gasp – small children)? But I appreciated the potential of the location, if not the execution.

Lee Je-hoon is talented and almost carries the drama (with his bionic superstrength, it was needed at times) because the young man can do vulnerable and tender and confused really well. But I was confused about his interest in Chae Soo-bin’s character because it seemed as if her often obtuse, blockheaded earnest peppiness mixed with a dollop of generational cluelessness about what a job entails (work) did not especially endear her to me. I like Chae Soo-bin, but she was not endowed with the most appealing character.

I liked the storylines with a number of the “older” workers/managers at the airport, especially that of the exes who manage different teams and don’t make a huge drama out of their past, but sadly Lee Dong-gun’s long legs and sharp glances can’t save his paint-by-the-numbers role of a step-hyung who isn’t a good guy (until he is).

While I liked the introduction of the supporting young co-worker/security guard/romance couple, particularly Kim Kyung-nam’s attempt to be a good supervisor/role model, the youthfulness of the characters strained credulity. It felt like some highschool or college kids were thrown into the workplace and told to put on costumes and “act.” They did not have the skillset to pull this off.

By now you should be able to see why this was indeed a “meh” drama in my books, but if you love Lee Je-hoon you’ll love it. But oh, by the way, when it comes to the final moments, be prepared to be puzzed. (And that’s all I’m saying…)

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