More for my short attention span – Page Turner

Only 3 episodes! Page Turner was perfect for my shorter viewing schedule this weekend (and my restlessness when it comes to continuing with already-in-progress shows).

I had meant to watch Page Turner when it first was released (had it bookmarked on Dramafever, of course) but never got around to it and then… Dramafever.

I have a soft spot for Ji Soo and I was not disappointed. He’s the go-getter, buckets of personality and ambition type and could not be cuter in this shorty. I especially enjoyed his bromance with Shin Jae-ha (who I liked in A Poem A Day too). His desire not only to find a way to make his single mother proud and get over a sports-related disappointment and channel his energy (abundant) into helping a troubled girl facing her own crisis (Kim So-hyun) and find a way to give meaning to an unhappy young man too (Shin Jae-ha) makes him the prime candidate for cutest Energizer® Bunny of the year.

My only complaint is that the story could have used an epilogue for his character (the other 2 get one), but this is a short and sweet little time waster.

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Thirty but Seventeen – Final Impressions

I dawdled a bit watching the end of this one, mainly because I really loved this cast and didn’t want to see anything heartbreaking or worrying happen to any of them, and I didn’t want to leave their little “family.” But, I made myself watch the final 6 hours last week and it was worth it!

Spoilers after the jump.

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