Dragging my Buns with “Touch…

Dragging my Buns with “Touch Your Heart” even though I find the main couple awfully cute as they navigate their new relationship. It’s so sugary sweet sometimes that you can’t help but grin till your cheeks hurt

Each episode deals with solving some case or problem, and our actress/ secretary is so honest and forthright in helping that she’s won over the office staff. The fact that she really is an actress, at this point, has almost been forgotten. The men are smitten with her, and the women have come to respect and confide in her. The “secret” office romance between our leads remains a secret, and again, they are super cute trying to keep everyone in the dark.

Still, I find myself taking baby steps, much as I like it…

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Having some serious “Degrees of Separation”

Started watching Touch Your Heart for two reasons. First, I loved Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook in Goblin, second, I needed to watch something that is putting out an episode weekly as my life is in super busy, have to meet commitments mode! Lol. I also need down time, and I’ve realized that these dramas provide that for me.

What’s funny, though, is that I started with Encounter and Jang Seung Jo was there — prominently, then he was in Familiar Wife, also prominently along with Oh Eun Sik, another FW prominent character who’s also now a prominent character in TYH. I’m sure that’s probably not all that unusual, but I find it funny in a coincidence kinda way…

Anyhoo, YIN’s character is a has been hallyu starlet who hasn’t worked in two years because of a scandal. She’s also, at this point, getting “older” ( though she looks young as ever) so the demand for her is at an all time low. To make matters worse, she’s not a very good actress, which seems to be an inside joke. She wants this particular role and has to go to “real” work in a law office as a secretary alongside our hero LDW. Of course, he’s not happy at all with this turn of events. The rest of the office staff, aside from one person is enamored with her. She exhibits typical star behavior, but she’s no dummy — just entitled. She knows how to work a room. She’s annoying, but still very cute.

LDW, otoh, is prickly, organized, and expects a certain standard to be upheld where work is concerned. I actually agree with him, especially in a law office, but he really needs to lighten up, if only a little. I don’t find him as handsome here as I previously have, and I really don’t like his banged hair — much prefer it off his face.

I’m really not feeling the current music tracks used in these last three dramas, they just don’t seem to fit, IMO. What I like about this drama so far though, is that it laughs at itself and plays like a movie reel from time to time, with commercial ops thrown in too. Very funny! Hope it continues!

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Dokkaebi – ep 16, Finale

I’m not sure why a drama that made my eyes well up so much resonated so deeply with me, but this one sure did. I’ve seen it billed as a melodrama (which I normally avoid), and I can see that, but to me this story lived on a different level. So let’s take a look under the covers… Spoilers after the jump.


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Dokkaebi – ep 15, Why do I feel so uneasy?

With only the final episode to go, this should be the time when lovers are rewarded and villains or problems vanquished, but is that where we really are? Can we not just enjoy a satisfying dinner of happy pretty?


Spoilers after the jump, and I’m not going to even apologize for the pic spam.

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Dokkaebi – ep 14, Reset

Even with what transpires in this episode I still need more tissues! Darn you, show! Spoilers after the jump.

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Dokkaebi – ep 13, Monsoon season?

Okay, we’ve still got 3 more long episodes to go and we have to use up our current stock of tissues already? More questions and more answers, but seriously, I’m almost wishing I remained in the dark. Spoilers after the jump.

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Dokkaebi – ep 12, Is it raining where you are?

Progress = tears it seems – at least more than a few of mine. Sunny and Reaper weren’t the only ones gripping their hearts. But at least we have photo booths. Spoilers after the jump.


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