Mystic Pop Up Bar

Had no intention of watching this but I needed some reprieve from the disappointment of the King and this one was short and sweet at only 12 episodes.

Enjoying it so far – half way through..I love the main characters..each one is doing a great job of keeping me have your sweet innocent young man who is cursed with the fact that whenever he touches someone they immediately need to share their thoughts..then you’ve got the two supernatural beings..she is able to go into people’s dreams  and fix their problems (he does all the grunt work) but she is being punished and must fulfill a quota of clients – that’s where our young man comes in..he brings them in and she fixes them..sounds like a yawner but each case is interesting and as they work with each other they become closer too. Think a condensed version of Hotel de Luna without Iu’s

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Dokkaebi – ep 16, Finale

I’m not sure why a drama that made my eyes well up so much resonated so deeply with me, but this one sure did. I’ve seen it billed as a melodrama (which I normally avoid), and I can see that, but to me this story lived on a different level. So let’s take a look under the covers… Spoilers after the jump.


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Dokkaebi – ep 14, Reset

Even with what transpires in this episode I still need more tissues! Darn you, show! Spoilers after the jump.

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Dokkaebi – ep 12, Is it raining where you are?

Progress = tears it seems – at least more than a few of mine. Sunny and Reaper weren’t the only ones gripping their hearts. But at least we have photo booths. Spoilers after the jump.


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