Mr Queen..I miss you already!

I have to share with you guys that I absolutely enjoyed this’s one of those dramas where you feel enveloped by the world that the characters live in and that you can just sit back and enjoy the ride…

Mr. Queen: The Bamboo Forest (2021) - MyDramaList

I started watching because I’m a sucker for those back in time body swap dramas but I stayed because it was just so much fun! I was familiar with both actors..I like her but here I think she brought her best performance so’s great when actors have the chance to stretch themselves and portray two characters in the same drama and here one of the characters was that she play a man with all his mannerisms in a woman’s body..not any woman..a Josean Queen to boot!! And as for him..again..I liked him well enough in Crash Landing on You but I wasn’t besotted.Here I think he portrayed the king so well and gave him a share of charm, integrity and intelligence that I will always consider it his signature performance…unless a better one comes along..I just loved these two together. They possessed great chemistry together..and he joins the other greats in that he’s got one of the sexiest voices too! Since this was played for comedy you can imagine all the hijinks that takes place as she tries to get back “home” to the future..leaving the palace totally confused at this new side of her previously meek character..loved all the side characters too..(not the usual political rivals as much of course but the court ladies and chefs were awesome)..but mainly the burning question is: where are they going with this???? Is the “queen” falling in love in spite of herself..or… is the king actually falling in love with? Questions…questions…I was happy with the ending ..I feared that it would be worse…though I know that not everyone was… so..if you should check it out you must decide for yourself. I do understand the objections but they don’t bother me I’m going to watch the two special episodes that were produced..obviously for all the fans like me who find it hard to say goodbye!