Not Asian, but…

Started watching the short novela” Pajaro Soñador” at the recommendation of my long time coworker. It’s actually a Turkish novela, but is on Unimas in Spanish. It’s fresh, funny, different, and the leads are great, although they’re both just too beautiful for words, lol. She’s an aspiring writer who is mandated by her parents to get a job before they marry her off. He’s a worldly photographer, who takes over his father’s company due to his Dad’s health problems. His brother, who’s been with the company is not too happy and engages in behind the scene hijinks in order to sabotage his brother—— at least I think so, since my Spanish a little bit “iffy.” This one is dripping with “beautiful” people, but interesting characters and a pretty good storyline.

The chemistry between the leads is off the charts though—— and did I mention it’s funny! Episodes are on Unimas’ website if anyone is interested, or looks for something different in the future

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Thankful and…

There might not seem to be many things to celebrate this year, but I know that, in spite of the challenges we face, I do have things to be grateful for, and to anticipate.

I’m grateful that I still have the resources to create a holiday meal, though I’m aware that I am fortunate in this regard; many do not. I’m grateful that I have interests that keep me mentally engaged and positive, even when there are some days that blur one into the next. I’m grateful that I have the inner resources to find things that bring me joy and stimulate my brain, and that I’m never bored (and <i>that</i> is saying something!)

One thing I’m particularly grateful for is having stumbled on <b>The Untamed</b> and the world of MDZS and its authoress, and the talents of its young cast. This was the year I discovered just how many talented people are out there writing fan-fiction, and holy-moley, there are some amazing fics out there inspired by this work! I’ve read some that I would hold up to many heavily-touted and praised published works (and if you’re looking for recommendations, hit me up).

And above all, I’m grateful for you, my friends, who share your enthusiasms and interests (and disappointments, because let’s be frank, not everything will be a winner), even when I’ve been less active on this site this year. I’m making a very late new year’s resolution (or very early one) to do better — scout’s honor!

Here’s hoping that we all have many things more to be thankful for today, and all the days to come.


Remembering Yuko

More distressing news out of Japan: it was reported yesterday that Takeuchi Yuko (40) was found dead, an apparent suicide.

Her work made us laugh, cry, she was gifted at making us fall in love. However many of her dramas and movies you’ve seen, no doubt each title you’ll think of you’ll say to yourself, “ahh… she was sooo good in that!” It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, but I’ll leave you with this song…

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Remembering Ben

I received news yesterday that our dear Phorum web guru and friend Ben Spade passed away last Tuesday.


Ben worked tirelessly to keep our Telenovelas website Phorum site, were we spent many hours and formed many friendships, long after it was easy to do so — browser and platform updates made things break if you looked at it cross eyed! But he faced health issues that had him retiring all too soon.

Over the past few years I’ve thought of him often. He was a joy to know and I hope you’ll understand how much I’ll miss him.

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Sad news out of Japan today…

I’m sorry that my first post in a while is prompted by very sad news, but it has been reported that Haruma Miura, at just 30 years of age, has been found dead of an apparent suicide.

There will be many who are as shocked as I was upon hearing this news, but we can never know what someone else is going through to lead to this drastic step. My only hope is that someday all communities will embrace counseling and the treatment of mental health issues fully, and without shame.

I will treasure his work and think of him as that delightful High School Samurai, and I wish that his loved ones are supported in their grief.

#haruma-miura, #miura-haruma

Housekeeping Issues

I know that we’re still seeing issues with posting and commenting on WordPress and for that I’ll say sorry, and here are some things I’ve found have worked better for me (which is slightly better than a sharp stick in the eye, as my dad would say):

  1. Don’t use Safari. If you’re on an iPad or iPhone the default underpinned browser for those devices is Safari too and it acts wonky no matter the device. Just don’t. I have sometimes had issues with Firefox, but few with Chrome, so opt for those alternates.
  2. I also prefer to use the old style Admin page for writing posts and editing. It just works easier for me and I can use either Firefox or Chrome without any issues.
  3. Use the WordPress app for reading, posting, commenting, etc. It’s not easy for tagging, or special features like adding photo galleries or adding the “read more after the break” kinds of things, but it isn’t bad for general purposes.

As for your posts, I’ve tried to add photos to the media folder whenever I can for you to use for illustration purposes when you post something. Please do use photos whenever they’re relevant because they make the posts more visually interesting and it helps a reader focus in on the cast or plot when looking for something or in whetting the appetite.

Similarly, please do use tagging for the show and the primary actors. I go back and add them to older posts whenever I have time, but it’s helpful when you do it. Nagging over, thanks for your help (and I’ll still go back and add tags and pics where I can)!

Keep well my chingus!

It’s not an easy time for any of us given the crisis involving this new feels like we’re living in a kdrama where the world isn’t what it used to be and where we’re waiting for our heroes to rescue us. We need to be super hopeful that it will pass soon and super vigilant in terms of our own personal risk factors as well as those of our loved ones.  I think of you all and hope that you are well and that we all keep feeling well..I suppose being quarantined wouldn’t be so bad if we could binge watch on kdramas right? Well…we try to put a positive spin on things amidst the worry and that’s all we can do..other than keep washing our hands of course!!

Yolette’s 2020 Viewing List


    1. Cinderella and the Four Knights ❤
    2. The Legends ❤❤
    3. Crash Landing on You ❤❤
    4. Life on Mars ❤❤❤
    5. Live Up to Your Name ❤❤
    6. Joy of Life ❤❤❤❤
    7. My Mister ❤❤❤
    8. Medical Examiner: Dr. Qin
    9. Her Private Life ❤
    10. Guardian
    11. Story of Ming Lan ❤❤❤❤
    12. Itaewon Class
    13. I’m Not a Robot ❤❤
    14. Eternal Love — 10,000 Miles of Peach Blossoms ❤❤
    15. Princess Agents
    16. Hello My Twenties/Age of Youth ❤
    17. My ID is Gangnam Beauty ❤❤
    18. Dr. Romantic Teacher Kim ❤

In Progress / On Hold / Dropped

    1. Arsenal Military School (dropped)
    2. Legend of Fuyao (in progress)
    3. Reply 1988 (dropped)
    4. Startup (dropped)

This list will be edited throughout the year

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I can’t settle on one!

Every once in a while I get to that undecided stage, I just don’t know what I’m in the mood to watch. I have started half a dozen and not one of them “speaks” to me right now. LOL However, I know from past experience that eventually I will find the one that will make me want to return for more and more!!

I know that we’ve all gone through it haven’t we??

Happy New Year Chingus!!

Is 2020 going to be a special year? I sincerely hope so..or at least a year full of good health and happy memories, and a good drama or two wouldn’t hurt either!!!!!