a definite thumbs up for Live up to your name

I was sad to see it end..a few meaningless wrinkles mean nothing when compared to the enjoyable hours spent watching the drama unfold. Great chemistry between the leads continued till the end..but what I also loved was that they were two strong actors who gave strong performances separately and were even better when they came together. Watching Kim Nam Gil as a goof is awesome..lol..but when he gets all serious and broody he’s even better!

Lies Within

Well..you had to know that I wouldn’t wait too long to see Lee Minki’s latest didn’t you??

In his latest drama he plays a dogged detective who is asked to investigate one more case before he transfers and he reluctantly agrees. It happens to be a woman who fell out of her apartment building..looks straightforward..especially so after finding her suicide note!  But then he comes across another case which looks suspicious too and then a disappearance and they all seem linked together.  What begins as a routine case quickly develops into something that takes over everything including working with the missing man’s wife who asks for help. The first thing I noticed ( with delight) was that he was playing a much more human character than I’ve been used to seeing and it makes such a difference! No face blindness this time! I’d forgotten that he can smile and that his face is quite expressive..lol. I love the character and I love the way he’s playing the character.

But..this is OCN..known for grittiness at the very least..and I will say that they went reallllllyyyy gritty this time..almost gruesome. I enjoyed the secondary characters too..I thought that they were really nicely fleshed out and supported him well. I wasn’t familiar with our heroine (Lee Yoo-young)..hadn’t seen her before but I had heard good things about her. She has a real presence on the screen – a softness and vulnerability about her and I’d like to see her again. This was another of those onion like dramas where you peel away layer after layer to reveal the truth and that’s a very good thing!

Thumbs up!

Live up to your Name

a strange title of a drama that I’d never even heard about till it popped up on Netflix. I don’t know how I missed it since it stars Kim Nam-gil and deals with time travel (which I’m a sucker for).

Basic plot is that our hero, a doctor in Joseon times, finds himself transported to modern day Seoul and meets up with our heroine, Kim Ah-joong who is also a very driven doctor. Each character definitely has baggage to contend with and so far there is no explanation regarding the reason for any of it..though we are given hints.

I never expected the humour to be so highlighted and I’ve found myself laughing out loud at the absurdity and yet..this actor is so skilled that he really sells it. Sometimes it’s quite borderline and if it was anyone else I would be rolling my eyes and moving on but he keeps me watching because he is really able to sell me on believing his amazement at this new world he finds himself in.

Try as she might our heroine can’t get rid of him and their chemistry is very very strong. I’m up to ep 5 right now and I can see the nuances appearing as he becomes less clownlike and she becomes more vulnerable and did I mention how hawt he is looking..lol??

Happy New Year Chingus!!

Is 2020 going to be a special year? I sincerely hope so..or at least a year full of good health and happy memories..and a good drama or two wouldn’t hurt either!!!!!

Happy Holidays Chingus!

I know that life has kept us busy lately and it’s been pretty quiet lately but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any activity going on..just too busy to report on it!  Sadly the last few dramas that I’ve watched have been nothing to write home about!  Just finished Vagabond and it was a total waste of time but I kept hoping for a reward for my patience..lol!  Still, I live in hope and have my eyes on a few, especially waiting to see Lee Minki again.

Please have a safe and healthy Christmas and hopefully 2020 will bring us all amazing things.


Robin I hope that things have improved for you and your brother and that he has made steady progress towards good health!




Chief of Staff – First Impressions

I had forgotten about Chief of Staff, but I knew that I wanted to see it so I started up on it. Other than the fact that it’s all about power and politics and the struggle to keep the power and get some more — I can’t tell you very much about it — other than the fact that I’m still enjoying it!!

This is the official synopsis: “The story of politicians and their aides who try to climb up the political ladder.” Normally that wouldn’t pull me in but I did want to see Shin Mina and Lee Jung Jae so here I am.

I find that I don’t really NEED to know exactly what is happening..I’m more interested in seeing HOW sneaky..HOW manipulative…HOW ambitious and ruthless these people can be. THere’s enough tension to keep the audience entertained..we all know who we’re rooting for but I guess the question will be..does our hero even deserve our support? He’s no pristine character either and he has his own methods to get what he wants. THe characters are all driven by the same ambitious motivations but there is one character who is driven by other sentiments and I think this is where we go to get a breather from this nasty environment.

I’m only on ep 4 but look forward to watching the rest!


PS – this reminds me so much of Punch and I LOVED that one!!!

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Her Private Life – Series Review

I’m all finished and I’m left with a smile on my face! Sure, the last couple of episodes might not have been necessary since there was hardly any plot advancement, and sure, the last wrinkle seemed unnecessary, but I can indulgently forgive because I truly enjoyed watching our hero shine.

Normally I do not enjoy dramas which resolves relationships so early in the drama..I usually get bored after that but this was the exception to my rule. I so enjoyed their interactions that it didn’t really matter one bit..I could watch him all day..lol..and my memories will all be about him..as per this perfect video which highlights a totally different side which I did not expect. He is usually so solemn and dramatic and unbearably vulnerable..loved seeing this playful, human side of him:

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