While in search of “Mature love”

I landed on “When my love blooms,” the story of young love that lost its way, and twenty years later, we’ll find out if our over 40 ex’s can pick up where they left off. He is still married with a son, but recently released from a 4 yr prison stint that I get the impression was because of his rich wife’s family’s business dealings. She also has a son, but is divorced from her rich ex, and is making ends meet through her piano playing—— she plays quite beautifully. Both of their sons attend rich people’s boarding school, but her son is teased because everyone knows he’s there on a scholarship and is “poor” by their standards. An altercation between the boys leads to the ex’s meeting up again. Their story is also told in flashbacks via their college years.

I really like Lee Bo Young, ( female lead) who I’ve seen in more than a few dramas, and who is married to Ji Sung, but Yoon Ji Tae, (male lead) I only remember from the drama “ Healer,” although his resume is quite impressive!

Looking forward to some “grown up” love, lol! Will keep you posted! Btw, has anyone seen this drama???