Not Asian, but…

Started watching the short novela” Pajaro Soñador” at the recommendation of my long time coworker. It’s actually a Turkish novela, but is on Unimas in Spanish. It’s fresh, funny, different, and the leads are great, although they’re both just too beautiful for words, lol. She’s an aspiring writer who is mandated by her parents to get a job before they marry her off. He’s a worldly photographer, who takes over his father’s company due to his Dad’s health problems. His brother, who’s been with the company is not too happy and engages in behind the scene hijinks in order to sabotage his brother—— at least I think so, since my Spanish a little bit “iffy.” This one is dripping with “beautiful” people, but interesting characters and a pretty good storyline.

The chemistry between the leads is off the charts though—— and did I mention it’s funny! Episodes are on Unimas’ website if anyone is interested, or looks for something different in the future

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The Villain in Eccentric! Chef Moon!

I loathe, detest, abhor, downright HATE the man! They’d better have a KNOCKDOWN fit for a King for his devious arse! Anyhoo, I’ve liked this actor, Ahn Nae Sang, in quite a few other dramas. He’s a veteran with an impressive movie and drama history, so disliking him intensely is pretty easy, thanks to his acting chops lol.

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Eccentric! Chef Moon! – 1st ep

Smart drama! Lots in the 1st ep to keep you interested enough to want more.

He’s a Chef of course, an accomplished and famous one. She’s also accomplished, as a fashion designer, albeit an anorexic one who keeps her true identity hidden. There’s mystery, intrigue, bad guys, good guys, happiness, sorrow and an unusual surprise for our hero——all in ep 1! Eric has matured and I like it! Jury’s still out on the heroine, but she’s definitely got my attention!

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I really want to start “Eccentric! Chef Moon“! Because it’s Eric!

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Finished One Spring Night

Enjoyed it immensely, and yes more than “Something in the Rain.” I found this couple and their situation much more realistic, especially today with people’s lives not being as “traditional “ as they used to be. These two communicated very well, and her bluntness was somehow softened by his calm cheerfulness. They both accepted their challenges with frankness and commitment even though their insecurities and vulnerabilities came to the forefront. Even so, they were very loving and shared some of the sweetest kisses ever!

I loved the family bond between the sisters and their Mom throughout, and their support for one another was phenomenal! The abuse the eldest sister received at her husband’s hands was disturbing, but she never wavered in her resolve to end the abuse for once and for all. I also think that the writers handled this particular storyline well. It could’ve been so much more draining, taking away the strength that was needed to get through it.

The ex got to be a real PITA (pain in the azz), but I was able to sympathize with him to a point because breakups are not easy, especially when one party is not ready to let go and accept the loss.

Our hero’s son was adorable, and both the ex boyfriend and heroine’s father’s were a TRIP! Definitely worth the watch! Thanks for recommending this one Camelia!

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Finally got to One Spring Night…..

Been wanting to watch this one since Camelia’s review last summer, and I’m glad I am! Complex adult relationship where the main couple so far, only up to ep 4, are really having a difficult time trying to navigate exactly how to move forward with their feelings for one another. Their relationship feels so raw and real, atypical yet not so much in today’s blended society. They’re both so candid, she to the point where you almost think she’s mean and standoffish, and him with heartfelt honesty, and eyes that speak volumes. He told her from the git go that he can’t be “just” friends with her even though she’s practically married to her long time boyfriend, and he has a young son. And frankly, even though her feelings for her current boyfriend aren’t the marrying kind, I think that she would’ve permanently broke it off with him if she wasn’t so torn and conflicted about these new feeling’s she experiencing with our hero. He’s bringing out feelings in her that we’re long dead with her boyfriend, and she’s made him want to love again after heartbreak.

An appropriately murky scene from One Spring Night

Strong sister bonds here, and I like that! Their Dad is an ass so far, but I get the feeling that he’s in for some eye opening moments—— at least I hope so. I like their Mom and our hero’s parents are supportive. I don’t hate the boyfriend yet, but he’s starting to get manipulative and clingy, so if I do end up hating him I won’t be surprised, lol. The Eldest sister’s husband needs a serious beat down, and I’m admiring the way she seems to be getting her life and over all well being back in order. The youngest sister is carefree and moves to the beat of her own drum—- love it!

And YES Camelia, her wardrobe is unflattering, unbecoming and downright UGLY!!! Lol….

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Finished Coffee & Vanilla, and in a strange way…

I get it. IMHO, she, Risa, was pitiful and self deprecating—- without the humor, until the very end. I can’t recall seeing anyone put themselves down so much! He, Hiroto, was a protector—- along with oodles of manipulating behavior, and she needed protection—— from everything and from almost everyone! Hiroto was the shorter Jdrama version of Christian Grey, and this 20 something, young, innocent girl was no match for him. He made love to her at will, but was also completely taken with and by this young woman. He loved her, and she loved him, pure and simple. Had she been more mature, maybe she would’ve been able to recognize his manipulation tactics, and I can foresee problems in the future when she finally does “ grow up.”

It was her innocence that drew all those who came into her world to her. She was a magnet for the heterosexual males need to protect, and possess. Yet Hiroto was so confident in his super powers over her, he didn’t worry much about the competition. He was an emotional abuser if you ask me, but again, he really loved Risa.

The secondary characters were pretty good along with their storylines, but there were a few moments that had me rolling my eyes. Risa’s goal towards the end was to become stronger and to protect Mr Fukami when she could—- and when he allowed her. He did display some vulnerabilities, but they were ones that he took care of himself in the past. He has an interesting relationship with both his rival and his secretary.

So, I don’t know if I really recommend this one or not, but if you do decide to watch, it’s an interesting study in manipulating behavior…….thank goodness Jdrama episodes are pretty short!

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Regarding Coffee & Vanilla…

I honestly don’t know what to say or think about this one! And I sure as heck don’t know if I want to continue watching, but I will partake in episode 2 before I make my final decision. Sooooooo, the heroine, Risa, is this uber, uber, uber innocent, low self esteemed, winsome beauty from the country who attends a university in Tokyo. Guys literally, and I mean literally, are falling all over themselves over her, but in her overwhelmingly annoying innocence she rejects their advances. She’s got these beautiful wide doe eyes that make her innocence all the more convincing, but she also puts herself down because of it, and that has turned me off within 10 minutes of meeting her character!

In steps our hero, Hiroto, who is handsome, sexy, and more experienced than this poor chick can certainly handle, and of course she’s honored that “ Mr Fukami,” as she calls him, is even remotely interested in her. So yeah, he seduces her in a millisecond, tells her that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, asks her to be his girlfriend, and in turn she says “ if you think I’m worthy of being your GF, then yes”——-WTH! Who does that! Then he goes on to ignore her for a week, until she takes the first step by calling him. This girl is too dumb and gullible for me no matter how pretty she is! He talks her into sleeping with him without any fight from her at all, and I was just flabbergasted! All this in episode 1?!?!?!? Yup, he’s a 10 on the sexometer, and yup, he can kiss like nobody’s business, but I’m still at a loss here!

Sorry for the spoilers, but there was just no way I could get around my feelings and impressions of this one! J dramas are SOOOO not like this in my past experience! Yeah, you get innocent heroines, but all the ones I remember had some type of backbone! Maybe Risa will grow one, but I may not even get that far to see it!!!

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The young people…

Suicides in South Korea are not only sad, but very disturbing. Why young people in their 20’s and 30’s are ending their lives at an alarming rate, when they have such bright futures ahead of them, is hard to explain, and wrap one’s brain around. I can’t believe that it’s just a “fan” or social media thing, or even a “shame” thing, but a major cry for help both mentally and emotionally. The government has to recognize that there’s a definite problem there, and implement initiatives that address this issue. I don’t know that they haven’t already, but is seeking mental health treatment still a taboo?

Seems America is not faring any better. Apparently the life expectancy between ages 25-40 is shortened for the 3rd year in a row due to suicides, murders, mass shootings, etc. so sad 😞 😞


Takane & Hana

It’s a J-drama based on a manga of the same name. Hana is 16 yrs old——and STUNNING!, while Takane is 26 yrs old and the successor of a large company. They meet on a marriage blind date arranged by his grandfather and her father, but it was originally intended for her 7 yrs older sister, who blew the date off because she had a boyfriend. Takane is typically rich and arrogant and totally believes his own hype. He comments at the date that Hana is nothing more than a gold digger, demeaning her, yada, yada, yada, and she lets him have it! She pulls off her “grownup “ wig and gives it to him good, lol. What can I say, he’s hooked!

I do find the age difference a bit icky, but he’s a very immature 26 yr old where relationships with the opposite sex are concerned, and she’s a strong willed young lady with a mind of her own and mouth to match. The fireworks are a given, but watching them maneuver through their differences in both age and class status, and build a solid bond might be fun. Of course I’m hoping that they build more of a friendship cause Hana is just too young for a serious relationship no matter how strong willed she is! The actress portraying Hana, Aisa Takeuchi, is really a beautiful girl! Only 18 in real life, so she’s got a heartbreaker career in front of her. I do get a little “ Takuya” from the male lead, Mahiro Takasugi, but just a little, lol…no one can be Takuya!