What’s Wrong With the Reply Function?

OK, but why can’t I reply to any of you guys’ posts anymore? Did y’all block me for being AWOL? LOL. Apparently I can post but not Reply. I tried both on Chrome and Explorer. I guess I’ll try Firefox next time I can find a few mins. Or let me know if there’s some new protocol at work here. Thanks!


Started “Search:WWW”

…just because i was, like, wtf kind of Kdrama title is this, could you BE more boring and offputting?? And then the silly drama intro music started, “I wanna search search!” SO DUMB, I was preparing to sit back and sneer to my heart’s content for about 15 minutes and then move on, except that I accidentally fell in love with it. LOL!!

First of all, and primarily because, the entire cast is full of smart, clever, professional, strong, ass-kicking women, from the protagonist to the villain to the rival to the coworkers, from the CEO all the way down to the damn barista in the corporation lobby, they’re ALL so freaking self-assured and powerful! I’m loving it so much!! The most boring thing about this drama is the actual romance, haha…. and I never thought I would say that and STILL like a drama, but there it is.
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Finished “Overprotected Kahoko”

Overall, it was cute and fluffy, though by the end my eyeballs were bleeding from the EARNESTNESS, omg!! But honestly it’s mostly me. It just sticks in my craw that people are so nice and understanding to other people who treat them like shit. NO! I like karma! If you behave like an asshole I demand that the universe roll over you like a 8-ton truck! Otherwise I feel unsatisfied and a little resentful, I can’t help it.
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Finished “Lawless Lawyer”

I’m going to go with a profound meh. It had its moments. Some VERY GOOD moments in fact. But overall, there was too much testosterone for my liking. Too much ridiculous chest-pounding and lapel clutching, and extended breaks so Jun Ki can show off his admittedly impressive martial arts skills.


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Lee Joon Ki telling it like it is


That’s it. That’s the post.

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Started “Lawless Lawyer”

But I’m not sure whether I will stick it out. The first ep had so many turn-offs:

  • Pipe-wielding thugs. Eye roll.
  • Store bashing loan sharks. Eye roll.
  • Crooked cops on the take. Eye roll.
  • A coldblooded murder in front of the victim’s kid. Eye roll.
  • A vow of revenge by said kid. Eye roll.
  • Perpetually smirking slimy lawyer. OK, the eye roll was a little bit of an eye rawrr there because its Lee Joongi, but still…

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Finished “Story of Yanxi Palace”

Good stuff! Two thumbs up! I inhaled 70 episodes in less than 2 1/2 weeks! Though I found the last 10 episodes underwhelming, it was only because the previous 60 episodes were so outstanding.


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