Dokkaebi – ep 15, Why do I feel so uneasy?

With only the final episode to go, this should be the time when lovers are rewarded and villains or problems vanquished, but is that where we really are? Can we not just enjoy a satisfying dinner of happy pretty?


Spoilers after the jump, and I’m not going to even apologize for the pic spam.

The fact that Shin apparently needed to wait for Eun-tak to remember him on her own before he could fully acknowledge their past was just more sweet torture for me! He was so wanting, so desperate for some sort of sign that she knew him and how much he loved her and how much she loved him. The man is not a goblin, he’s a saint. And he’s not messing around with god and their fates by pushing the issue.

I loved how we got plenty of things to enjoy in this episode after so many tears, like his pure delight in her jealousy of him having had a first love and having taken her to this restaurant in Quebec before.

I enjoyed watching her struggle to put the pieces together (and I’m pleased to say that I recognized the Canadian ghost before she did and found it interesting that she could now see a ghost again – was god relenting and letting her get her memories back, or was this the power of their love?)

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The beauty of their reunion, the sheer relief and wonder and longing that they brought to this scene… whew! This was an adult love story and that kind of intense emotion needed her to be 29 and not 19 or 20. Also, it was almost an aside, but she tells him she can’t really call him ‘ahjusshi’ now, seeing as how they’re the same age, so maybe we’re to see Shin as having been 29 at his death? Okay, I’ll buy that – even if Gong Yoo does not look 29 per se – suffering and hardship will give you some extra maturity.

I completely appreciated the scenes in the hotel, first with her needing to constantly touch him…

but that kiss, that kiss was just as powerful and swoon-inducing as the kiss scene in Coffee Prince!

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This was their reward, it was our reward for all the recent tears, don’t you think?

I think that the sequences of her ‘calling’ him were delightful (and tell me that the image of Gong Yoo being summoned to snuggle under the covers isn’t just the happiest little daydream anyone could have?) but the fact that she would wake up in a panic and need to summon him (in his hanbok-styled robe, no less) at 3AM because she’s afraid it’s all been a dream underscores the trauma she’s endured. And he’s endured that trauma too, so he’s the best, most understanding lover there is, wanting to make her happy in every moment. He cannot wait a second, it seems, to propose to her – so join me in saying a joyful “Yes!”


But… why do I feel rain in the forecast?

It’s incredibly sad that Sunny has been left with her memories, just as Reaper Yeo has been – why has she been punished? Because she rejected god (inhabiting the little boy)? Is she punishing herself in some way for having not protected her brother and her husband in some way? She’s making no effort to let Shin know that she recognizes him when she sees him leaving Eun-tak’s apartment in the morning; just as he wishes for her to be happy, she wishes for them to be happy, but does it have to mean that they can’t be a happy family?

She can see how much her loss is devastating Yeo, and yet she refuses to give in and let him be comforted by seeing her – she’s not willing to try again? Does she have an arrow in her heart that needs to be pulled out and Yeo can’t see it? And, what really concerns me – she’s divesting herself of her holdings… is she running away or worse?

I’m prepared for the finale tonight – I’ll have my tissues handy, but I hope that I’m crying happy tears!

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