First Look: Princess Agents

A surprising beginning, especially considering that Viki had this one under “romantic comedy,” and I can’t imagine what they were smoking.

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Hi Bye Mama

Hi Bye Mama-mp22.jpg

I don’t know how I keep getting myself into watching these kinds of dramas but it seems like I am a magnet for I think I do know why..I try not to read any information about  a drama before I start..I like to go in with a fresh canvas and (hopefully) no spoilers. OF course this means that I find myself watching dramas that I might not have really chosen..had I known more about them..this is the case here. I knew that it was about a woman who returns from the dead (that sounds so weird…lol) but given the other outlandish plotlines in other dramas (body switching, reincarnation, ghost possession etc) it didn’t really give me pause. What does take me aback is finding myself in a continuous valley of tears..I swear that these actors must have felt so drained..not to mention the end of many scenes. Having said that..I enjoyed watching a new actor (Lee Kyu-Hyung) as the grieving husband..I was really impressed with his ability to use his facial expressions so effectively to show us what he was feeling..he played the guilt ridden and damaged man really really well…this drama had no villains of course..but there was another woman and I felt myself really falling in love with her as well..there’s just something to be said about decent human characters that just pull at your heartstrings..but the main theme in this drama is not necessarily about reincarnation but rather the definition and power of motherhood..and the writer gives us more than enough to confirm that a mother’s love will drive her to almost anything..Kim Tae Hee did a great job as well and fit really well in a sense since this is her first drama since she had her two little girls. Speaking of children..a perfect example of why I try not to read this isn’t about the drama itself but I accidentally read that the child who plays the little daughter was actually a little boy..and it really threw me..every time I saw her I instantly kept remembering that this was a little boy in a beautiful frilly dress and I kept wondering why on earth they would do that..they could have made the child into a little boy and it wouldn’t have made any difference to the’s those small things sometimes…

Anyway..a cautious thumbs up when you are in the mood but be warned…



The hottest guy with horns I’ve ever seen! LOL.


just finished When the Camellia Blooms


On the whole I did enjoy it..though for me it wasn’t without it’s stars Gong Hyo Jin as the single mother who runs the bar called Camellia and Kang almost childlike man/cop who falls in love and keeps trying to wear her down to accept him. The background is the typical (I assume) small town filled with critical neighbours who have yet to accept her into the fold even after having lived there for years. She is forever an outsider of dubious character and they let her know it.

To tell you the truth I started up on it and dropped it for a while but then decided to give it another chance. One main reason for me was that I truly dislike dramas where the love story is at the beginning and there is no journey I can take along with them as normally would be the case. It was almost love at first sight for him and seconds later a public where does one go from there? It had none of that delicious tension that I so love..the only difference is that it was all on his side!!  I think Kang Ha neul did a great job with this because at times his character bordered on an over the top innocence that would have been hard to take. Perhaps this is why I had a bit of issue with seeing them as a times she appeared almost maternal and I couldn’t see them together at all.

Also sometimes I really disliked her character and her attitude about things (for instance..being righteously indignant towards her child’s father because he wasn’t there for his son..when all along she NEVER told him about him in the first place!!) was her choice to be a single mother in a society that didn’t take it lightly but she seemed to not understand that her decision had consequences for herself and all around her.

And what is it about those poor orphans in Korea???? THis fact shaped her whole persona and resulted in her terrible lack of of the pleasures was seeing her journey into a strong woman..I could have done without the serial killer plotline since I don’t think it added that much to the drama at all…in summary..while there were things I didn’t a whole it had pretty strong, interesting and human characters..the secondary characters were more than fillers and..while I didn’t get to see the growth of romantic love..there was an abundance of love of other kinds…

Finished “I’m Not a Robot”


A charming romcom that really made me laugh out loud at times. Though the premise is ludicrous, the leads are so cute together and the supporting cast is adorable, too.
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End of (Itaewon) Class


The word that comes to mind is… annoying.

By the end I was chafing for it to be over. Once again I am stunned that this achieved such stellar ratings! It’s probably my fault. I came away from this drama with the feeling that these were all one-dimensional comic book characters when they are INDEED comic book characters so I shouldn’t be complaining. Yet I did and I do.

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“Itaewon Class” — Ep. 1


Omo. The end of Episode 1 is INTENSE!

I don’t even know which way I want it to go at this point!! 😱

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Finished “Story of Ming Lan”


The 73 episodes were a surprisingly easy inhale.

Also Ming Lan is A BOSS!

That ass kicking I wanted? Got it.
The character focus I was expecting? Got it.
The clever, resourceful badass little girl in the beginning of the drama who wanted justice? GOT HER BACK!
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“Story of Ming Lan” — Up to Ep. 25


This is totally a Chinese “Sense and Sensibility,” with some “Pride and Prejudice” and “Northanger Abbey” thrown in. LOL. Well, not really, but it has that same sort of feel!
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“Story of Ming Lan” — Up to Ep. 9


May I just say how much I love this child?

This drama sure is taking its time getting started. Though the title is “Story of Ming Lan,” Ming Lan appears in maybe 10 percent of each episode, if that, and so far has no active role in any of the conflicts and crises around her.
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